About eCode3

eCode3 Company

eCode3 is a diverse company of seasoned professionals and technology experts ready to learn about your data protection needs. . We provide our patented highly extensible software-based encryption technology to consumer, SME, and enterprise businesses.

eCode3 software is a file level encryption that allows users to encrypt and decrypt selected documents, files, pictures, video, email, email attachments. We also provide enterprise clients, the ability to encrypt and decrypt files and database servers. The eCode3 uniquely differentiated encryption solution is a “multi-layer” encryption protection that provides maximum security, no “backdoor” access, secures files, databases, in-transit data and email, and solutions for consumer, SME, and enterprise markets.

We work with our clients to develop a strategic customizable data encryption solution for all devices.

Mission & Vision

Leverage our patented encryption technology to protect digital files of all types, photos, videos, documents and databases.

Become a global software encryption solutions leader.


eCode3 15507, S. Cicero Ave., First Floor, Oak Forest, Illinois 60452.

Registered Office: 12314 S. 86th Ave. Palos Park, Illinois 60464