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Great Features for Teachers

Get your mobile app today, customize with ease, upload tests, invite students, save the time of testing and correction

Customizable Design

Easy to use tools to change the app appearance; logo, colors, and images, and to edit the app contents including app pages

Upload Exams Easily

Once your exam is ready an easy tool will upload the exam description, the questions including media and the answers

Auto Correction

After exam completion the auto corrector will send the mark to you and to the student including correct and wrong answers

Unlimited Tests

Exams App allows you to create as many tests as you wish and to test as many students as you wish, it is unlimited

Completed Apps

Great Features for Students

Make students very proud of being your students! With Exams App, they can track their learning process, to know where to improve and how to improve

Pre-prepared Tests

With just a few clicks! Students can start pre-prepared tests by expert teachers, classified by topics and levels

Customized Tests

Students can customize tests to suit their levels, their available free time, number of questions, and optional timer


Some questions are really confusing, a hint from the teacher can help good students to get the right answer


Students can track their learning process, the results of every test they take will be available in tables and charts

Media Supported

If question needs to provide any type of materials; image, chart, audio or video, students can find it in the question page

Marked Questions

Students can mark any questions If questions need to be reviewed, or to take again to ensure that it’s well studied

Try Exams App today!

Get your copy of Exams App, customize the design very easily, upload exams and invite users/students to take the exams immediately.

Frequently Ask Questions

If you did not find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.

Is it easy to customize the design?

When you get the admin access, an easy to use tool will make you able to change the app appearance; logo, colors, and images, and easy to use tool to edit the app contents including about us page, contact us page, our servers page and other pages.

Why to go for a paid plan?

With paid plans, you get your app fully customized for your business, including logo, colors and info pages. In addition to that, you can make money for placing ads on your app, or selling special exams.

Which plan is the best for me?

We highly recommend Teacher Plan for single teacher, Institute Plan for universities/schools/training centers, and Enterprise Plan for online business purposes.

What languages are available?

For free plan subscribers only English language is available. For paid subscribers, we make the app interface in any language of your choice.

What special features might be?

New pages, new design, new fields, new functions and any feature you feel that it’s necessary for your business.